Sunday, January 5, 2014

Top 6 >> Winter Baby Booties

It's important to keep those little toes warm - especially when it's negative degrees out, like it has been here this weekend!  It's inevitable that we will be out and about in the cold, since I can't stand being cooped up for too long.  Winter's are a lot more fun when you are bundled up and warm and I try to always make sure both Silas and Everly are exactly that.  We don't leave the house without hats, gloves, scarves and something to keep our piggies warm.  I did a little round-up of my go-to booties for Silas, because I know it's hard to find that "perfect winter bootie" for babies under the age of 1.  They aren't walking yet, so soft soles are preferred, but you need to find something that STAYS ON their feet!  Which is funny, because Silas just hit the stage of pulling off his socks and his feet are always in his hands and mouth!  So this list is Silas-proofed... ;)

one - This was my first baby shoe purchase for Silas.  Minnetonka's are a staple in both my kids closets and they go with everything!  I love how versatile they are!

two - We LOVE our Padraig Cottage slippers!  These slippers are a must-have if you get really cold winters.  Or if you just want to have the cutest baby slippers ever!

three - Everly has a pair of Ugg boots, so I had to get a pair for Silas since I'm always trying to coordinate their outfits and I am happy I did.  These one's stay on his feet good and I love how they look with his skinny jeans.

four - These Zutano bootie slippers are amazing.  I love how easy they are to slip on Silas' feet and they have an elastic band around the heel to make sure they don't come off.  Again, another must-have!

five - These Ralph Lauren booties are so cute!  I love the chunky look and how incredibly plush they are.

six - I actually don't have these EMU boots for Silas...YET!  But they are on my "wish list".  Everly had a pair of EMU boots last season and I loved them.  I love their "little creatures" line, they are super cute and fun for the little feet.  You can view most of them here and here!

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