Photography for me began when the life of my first child began – it was like walking right into what I was created to do.  I was created to be a mother and photography just became something I loved and enjoyed doing.  It became a favorite hobby of mine to capture images of my daughter that I knew only a photo and a memory could savor.  I feel like motherhood and photography go hand-in-hand for me.  Both motherhood and photography allow me to grow daily and allows me to hold onto a moment that could be gone tomorrow.  I come from a family that knows this far too well, as one day you may have something you love so dearly and the next it may be taken from you.  Photography for me is capturing the most cherished moments.  And so the venture began and continues...

As my photography venture continued through the years and another child graced our lives, I knew that I wanted to focus my photography attention on photographing this beautiful thing we call, "childhood."  

My true desire is to capture infants and children as they truly are and in natural lighting, with a modern twist.  My core passion is to bring out childhoods finest.  I want to get to know your children.  They are not a number or just a photo package to me; they are a stamp in the world, they are our next generation.  They are your joy and pride, and it is my joy and pride to capture all the things you love most about them.  My ultimate goal is to bring life to a still photo.  A photo speaks a story and it would be my privilege to help share and showcase that story.  Their story.  Their childhood...

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