Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Stay Gold >> Silas turns 1

This past Saturday my baby turned 1.  I wrote about our idea for a fun party theme here, and I wanted to share some photos from the special day.  We really wanted to keep things laid back and as relaxed as possible and since I only prepped for this party two weeks in advance, we kinda skimped on some of the decor I originally planned on adding.  All-in-all I thought everything turned out nicely and it appeared everyone loved the theme and decoration, but most importantly, we had a blast celebrating SILAS!

Since we went with the "Stay Gold" party theme, it actually was really easy to gather things for the special day, since a lot of things are gold!  And if they weren't gold, we just spray painted them - which I did with a lot of stuff!  Here's a little peek from the day!  (I wish I got more photos of Silas and everyone at the party, but because we didn't have a designated photographer, I ended up only getting pre-party photos, which I'm kind of sad about.)

 ^^We hung spray painted gold feathers from the trees and I personally loved how they turned out!^^

 ^^We added a little picnic area, for more seating, but also for when Silas opened presents.^^

 ^^My sister spray painted these gold pots and added the triangle effect to them and we gave these to our guests as favors when they left.^^

 ^^The gold feathers!^^

 ^^This was the only sign we ended up having that proclaimed our "Stay Gold" theme, I wish I did more, but it worked.^^

 ^^It's amazing how far a can of spray paint can go.  I loved how the gold mason jars turned out with these pretty wild flowers."

 ^^Again with the feathers.  These were a bit smaller so I turned them into a garland for the dessert table.^^

^^I added some glitter to a few for that extra "pop" effect.  You can do this right after you spray paint and it will stick to the wet paint.^^

 ^^A simple plain white sour cream pound cake with some gold flakes.^^

 ^^This was sweet Silas' cake.^^

 ^^Gluten-free cupcakes for all the gluten-free friends and family.^^

 ^^S for Silas, filled with gold wrapped candies.  Reeses', Rolo's and Almond Hershey Kisses.^^

 ^^Silas was pre-walking for the whole month before his birthday and on his birthday he decided he was done with crawling.  So we officially have a full on walker!^^

 ^^This shirt was the perfect final touch to the party!  It's from Knox and Lola and it says, "Stay Gold Ponyboy."  You can find it here...  Love this top!^^

 ^^He was a bit skeptical about just digging in with his hands...^^

 ^^Looks like he got the hang of it!^^

 ^^We rented a cotton candy machine and a bounce house for the little ones and they were the hit of the party.^^

 ^^We were all on a sugar high by the end of the day...^^

^^Unwrapping birthday presents...and an outfit change for Silas since he was a mess after his cake!^^

It really was an amazing day.  I loved every single second of celebrating Silas' birthday.  Even though I wish I could've done more, it turned out to be enough and at the end of the day, all Silas and us cared about was having our loved ones there to celebrate with us.

Monday, July 28, 2014

Boy+Girl >> F/W 14

Since I just featured Boy+Girl S/S14 for Wee Mondine, I was really excited to do this post next and share with you guys the F/W14 collection for Boy+Girl!  As I mentioned in my previous post, this is by far one of my favorite brands in Everly's closet!  And this latest collection is one of my favorites to date!  My mouth is watering!  :)

Boy+Girl is based in Venice Beach and made locally in Los Angeles.  This season they worked with a Portuguese mill to source amazing cotton flannels, along with a Los Angeles mill to create their foundation pieces in organics.  Staying true to their core, boy is rooted in California surf and girl is founded in a more European sensibility.

 Boy+Girl is estimating that they will be in stores by august 10th!  You can find some of our favorites from this collection at Wee Mondine by then as well!  I can't wait!!!

Friday, July 25, 2014

Wee Mondine

 When shopping online I enjoy building a friendship with the people I purchase from and then I tend to repeatedly shop their site, because to me it's more then just a shopping experience, it's also about supporting an awesome small business.  When I first stumbled upon Wee Mondine, I knew this would be one of those shops.  I love when I find an online shop that carries ALL of my favorite brands, because it's a one-stop spot and I don't have to pay for crazy shipping from a ton of different places.  Another bonus with Wee Mondine, is they offer Free Shipping on all domestic orders!   Elizabeth Crosby, Owner/Founder of Wee Mondine has got it right on with the brands and styles she carries and I love that after the short amount of time of knowing her, I already feel like I know her...  She is such a sweet soul and is always looking to please and make sure you are happy!  She truly is a gem!  :)

Some of my favorite brands you can find at Wee Mondine (to list a few) are; Emile et Ida, Imps & Elf, Makie, Atsuyo et Akiko, Mini Rodini, Boy+Girl and Zuzii...  Elizabeth will also be restocking these brands with their Fall/Winter collections and they should be arriving to the shop in August and early September!  I can't wait!!!  So keep checking back or follow their Instagram to get the latest news on when the brands start arriving!

One of my all time favorite brands for Everly is Boy+Girl.  This brand completely captures Everly's style.  I love the easy breezy feel of the clothing that can be dressed up or down, giving you a beachy, yet somewhat boho feel.  I have some pieces from Boy+Girl's earliest collections and they still are a favorite in Everly's closet and hold up through wash after wash.  Everly is currently wearing some of this seasons Spring/Summer collection and you can find the top here and the bottoms here.  (And on sale!)  

I am also currently obsessed with Zuzii footwear.  Their shoes and sandals are simply the cutest and go with everything.  They also are made with the softest leather and mold to your littles foot like a glove.  I would recommend these shoes before any other shoe on the market, if you are looking for a comfort, effortless look.  You can find Everly's Oxfords here.

I hope everyone has an awesome weekend!  I will be busy PARTYING and celebrating my sweet baby boy's 1st birthday!

P.S. Boy+Girl's Fall/Winter collection will be hitting Wee Mondine soon and it's AMAZING!!!  I will be sharing Boy+Girl Fall/Winter collection next week, so stay tuned to see it's amazingness!  I'm crossing my finger's that Silas fits in this season's collection as well, because WOW...  Just WOW!!!  :)