Friday, August 15, 2014


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Thursday, August 14, 2014


One Hip Kid and Thief and Bandit teamed up with us to bring you our very first edition of WIN THAT LOOK!  I'm really excited about this giveaway and hope to bring it to the blog frequently!  I love that one of you guys out there will be able to dress your babe in these awesome items!  

One Hip Kid is giving away this amazing Goat Milk tee in the size of your choice!  Thief and Bandit is giving away these amazing tiger paw leggings in the size of your choice!  And Urban Cub is giving away Silas' favorite pair of shoe to wear right now, the black Adidas samba's in the size of your choice!  This entire outfit is a $100 value!

To enter simply head over to Instagram for all the details!

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

MAA Shoes @ Four Monkeys

Manuela de Juan is a leading company in the creation of high-end children shoes, where a team of master shoemakers with long experience and exceptional handicraft take care of every detail. With great care, the raw materials are selected, the latest trends are explored and the style characteristics of each model are improved, with the aim of fulfilling our protocols for comfort and care of children's feet. As a guarantee of the best craftsmanship, our shoes, always exclusive, undergo the most severe quality controls to be incorporated in the most innovative industrial systems. The two collections, Manuela de Juan and MAÁ, on one side reflect the most refined elegance, and on the other the most contemporary models.

Four Monkeys was an old dream come true for founder Kinga Bereczki. After a few years of detour and testing the waters, Four Monkeys was finally founded in 2012. The original idea was to simplify parents' life by making shopping easy, fun and quick. Small and big labels intermingle to result in well selected and easy to mix and match outfits. Emphasis is put not only on design and aesthetics but also on sustainability, fairness and comfort. Artisanship is valued high.

Four Monkeys uniqueness lies in the innovative shopping experience, where shoppers can select from four different characters: minimal, rocker, chic and colorful.

You can shop Four Monkeys to find a wide range of my favorite brands, including these MAÁ shoes!  These shoes have been a staple piece to almost every outfit Everly wears; whether it be with a dress or some shorts.  She is such an active little girl and always on the go, so we need to make sure her little feet are protected and are comfortable.  I love that with these sneakers, you don't have to compromise classy for comfort, you can get both!

Outfit Details:
Sneakers - MAÁ
Sweatshirt - Bobo Choses
Dress - Petitbo

Monday, August 11, 2014

Some changes

Change can be scary, yet, it can also be very good.  It's hard to move on from things and turn old adventures into new ones.  It's hard to realize when good things are coming to an end, but there's a time and a season for everything.

Brittany, my sweetest and most amazing blog partner took a break from blogging to mourn the passing of her Father who lost his battle with cancer a couple months back, and during her time away from the blog she realized that blogging right now is not what she needs to be focusing on.  She is taking time to focus on family and some other things going on in her life and I 100% fully stand behind her decision.  I will miss her a ton, but I know God has big plans for her and is going to use her in awesome ways wherever she is at.  I still talk to her frequently and I am so blessed by her friendship.  She has been a means of grace in my life on countless occasions and shines such a positive light on my parenting struggles when I need it.  I love her and I am going to miss her dearly when it comes to working with her on the blog, but this chapter closing, only allows another chapter in her life to start and I wish her nothing but the best!

God has also been opening and closing a lot of doors in my own life.  I have been struggling with not knowing what doors to walk through and which doors to close.  It's taken a lot of prayer and a lot of humility.  Urban Cub was started by Brittany and myself and since Brittany has stepped down, I have been feeling quite a bit of tugging on my heart to change a few things around here.  Again - change is a scary thing, especially because I love what I do here on the blog, but without Brittany it won't be the "same".  We had a very specific vision when we created Urban Cub and without her, some of that vision is lost.  She inspired me in a lot of ways when it came to posts and now I am always on the hunt for different inspiration.  Although a lot of things may stay the same, a lot of things may change over time...

One of the doors that has opened for me, is I have started a personal business venture - Urban Cub Photography.  This has been a creative outlet that I have enjoyed doing for quite some time now, and I am excited to venture outside of just doing photos for my own family but doing them for others as well.  I actually just did my very first photoshoot this past weekend and had a blast.  

I am excited to share more of whats going on and my plans and hopes for Urban Cub.  I still LOVE to blog.  Ever since I originally started blogging with MINe (now Mini Style blog), I knew it was something I always wanted to do.  I blog mainly for my babies.  They are my passion, my greatest hope and the main reason why I blog.  As much as I love fashion and photography, it will never consume us or define who we are.  I blog for them, for my sweetest Everly and my greatest joy, Silas.  I write so that I can savor our time together.  I write so that I have a keepsake of our life together.  I write and share photos so I can watch them grow, over and over again.  This life goes by way too fast and it's too precious not to remember it all.  So this little space is for us.  Whether styled or unstyled, we come raw and open, sharing our daily life happenings.  And that's all I wish Urban Cub to be in the end.  A place to hold our greatest life stories.

So basically, you may see some changes on the blog, maybe some minor ones, maybe some bigger ones...  But whatever we decide to do here, it will be because that is where I feel God has us.  God plays the biggest role in my life and heart and if I follow Him, I know wherever he leads me, it will be good - It will be for the best.

I wanted to say THANK YOU!  If you follow Urban Cub and read the blog, thank you!  Thank you for your support and for always being so kind.  We get so much positive feedback via emails and loving comments on Instagram daily/weekly and I am constantly blown away by your sweet words!  Just the simple fact that you guys love on my babies, completely melts me.  Thank you for following along our journey.  It's a windy road and sometimes I totally miss the mark and open the wrong door only to realize I need to close it.  But I am always amazed with this little community and your constant encouragement no matter where we are at in life.  So thank you, from the bottom of my heart!

Love you guys!!!

Friday, August 8, 2014

Nica Nica by Veve

Nica Nica by Veve, is a high-quality girl's clothing line focused on a combination of classic and modern twist with distinctive details that capture their inner girls. Veronica and Monica, two sisters in love with their childhood memories full of endless playtime and fun, which inspires their designs and allows them to relive the innocence and purity that they enjoyed as little girls themselves.

When I first stumbled across Nica Nica by Veve, I fell head-over-heels, because you know me and my love for a good handmade label!  I am also in love with black and white and simple, delicate pieces that can go with pretty much anything.  I love a versatile piece that can be dressed up or down and I feel like this label nails it with it's versatility capabilities within each piece.  Be sure to check out their shop to see what I'm talking about!  You can also follow their Instagram for all the latest news and upcoming lovely creations that hit their shop!

Outfit Details:
Coronet - Frou Frou
Bottoms - Ace&Jig Kids

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Guest Post >> Molly @mamasault

Hi, there! It's Molly from @mamasault on Instagram.  I'm so excited to be here guest blogging for Bri while they're working on more exciting things for you guys!  With my son, Luck, starting school this year and my love for kids fashion it seems that I have one thing on my mind these days- back to school shopping!  I'm excited for Luck to reach this milestone and can't wait to watch him grow.  So I thought I'd share some of my favorite unisex staples that he'll be taking along with him this year. 

Zebra Leggings - Mini Rodini has been one of my favorite brands for Luck over the years.  He practically lives in their leggings and tees. The first drop of their AW14 collection launched and the prints are super fun (as usual). I love that they are comfortable for play and can be mixed and matched with pretty much anything. 

Mustard cuffed Leggings - I recently discovered Macarons from Instagram and I am in love with their beautiful classic pieces that kids can wear over and over again. I'm excited to add this brand to Luck's collection.

Teepee Backpack - Who doesn't love teepees? This Cotton On backpack is super cute yet inexpensive and the colors are perfect for both girls and boys. 

Maa Shoes - If sneakers should be anything, they should be fun and colorful and this Maa pair is exactly that. These are sneakers that we can pair with everything in Luck's closet which is a huge bonus!

Nine to Nine Deskhouse - This  is the perfect space for Luck to work on learning his numbers, letters, or paint one of his little watercolor masterpieces. I love that little sister, Saint, can sit with him on the other side and that it doubles as a big playhouse! So cute! 

Water Bottle - We swear by Lifefactory bottles in our house! We all use them everyday and I was excited to find the flip cap and straw styles that will be perfect for his backpack and lunchbox.  

I Love Pretzels and Hotdogs Tee - Pretzels and hotdogs are two of Luck's favorite things. What? Your kids' too? Piccolini is an old favorite! I adore this brand and their tees are something babes will want to wear over and over again.

Tiny Cottons Hat - I can't think of a better combo than stripes and pom poms for a beanie. Tiny Cottons, bravo! I'm looking forward to this one keeping Luck's head warm and toasty.

Lego Lunchbox - Luck was set on this Lego lunchbox from the moment I showed it to him. I'll admit it's very cute and I'm pretty sure it'll be the coolest one at the lunch table.

Fjallraven Backpack - Fjallraven is our favorite backpack!  I bought Luck one a couple of years back and it has definitely stood the test of time. They are perfect for school, traveling, or just a day outing. We love them so much that I've bought him a second just for school. There's no question that I know it will do the job well and if he ever wants another, I'll gladly take it for myself. 

Preschool Tee - Hatch for Kids makes all sorts of cute tees, but this preschool tee is everything. It's so simple yet so perfect. They make a "kindergarten" version too!

Pretzel Sweatshirt - When I saw Kira Kids' new Fall collection of pretzels and taxies, my jaw dropped. I knew Luck had to have them. How amazing are the pretzels? Love.

Crewcuts Jacket - No one can ever go wrong owning a field jacket. In fact, I think that each member of the family should have one in the coat closet all hanging in a little row. Luck gets a new one every other season or so and I've never regretted buying the same style year after year. They're a timeless piece that can always be handed down to Little Brother or Sister next. Hand me downs are always a big bonus and are bound to bring back sweet memories. This one from Crewcuts would be perfect for both girls and boys.

Neon-Capped Boots - These Brother Veillies are awesome for any occasion. You can dress them up or down and they are comfortable for little feet. The neon cap toe is on-trend and oh so cute!

Private Eye Tee - Misha Lulu Fall 14 Private Eye collection is hands down one of my favorite lines this season. The prints are adorable and consist of what every little imagination dreams of- Being a secret agent and solving a mystery!  Luck is thrilled with their awesome selection and has requested one of every tee.

Cheers to an awesome school year! 

Wednesday, August 6, 2014


"A portrait of our children, once a week, every week, in 2014."

Everly // Just woke up from her nap and more gorgeous then ever
Silas // Silas got his first haircut this week

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

NUN Kids

If you have been following along on the blog this Summer or even following me on Instagram, you would have noticed my latest brand obsession...  NUN Kids.  My kids have been living in our favorite pieces and Everly wears their headscarfs all the time!  There's just something about this brand that I love, okay, there is a lot about this brand that I love, and thankfully I get to share with you all the reasons why I love this brand through the lovely women behind the brand!  Annalisa and Micaela are here today to answer some questions I sent over to them and they are going to share with us all about the amazingly sensational brand - NUN Kids!

How was NUN Kids founded?
NUN Kids was born in 2012 during a holiday by the sea.  Our children playing freely and semi naked around us were the inspirations for natural, casual and comfortable clothes.  All this without forgetting the deep traditions of garments made in Italy and the respect for nature.
    These fantasies made in front of the Sardinia's blue sea became our goals, translate then in to NUN Kids.

What are somethings you wish NUN Kids clothing to portray?
More often then ever the adults world tries to take over the children one and the kids becomes like little mirrors around us.  NUN Kids would like to give back to the children their identity and so to free their capacity to see the world with eyes not yet compromised.

     NUN Kids with its comfortable garments made of natural fibers wants to respect the children freedom of movement and the joy of exploring without restrictions.
     We hope that freedom will be the future.  NUN Kids would like for the children to feel FREE to be and do and we hope they'll learn that freedom and respect doesn't mean compromise. 

NUN Kids is made of all natural materials, what kind of materials are used exactly?
Cotton and Linen in all their variations : Jersey, Gauze, Terry Cloth etc....dyed with vegetables dyes.  We would like to start using Nettle yarn and Crabyon (is a new fiber based on the technology of making Chitin/Chitosan into fibers) which is excellent for sensitive skin and has lot of consideration for the environment.
    Creativity and ideas never run out and never will but our country is in a very delicate economic states right now and a small family business like NUN Kids has to take each step with deep consideration.

Who creates the beautiful designs of each garment?
The heart and soul of NUN Kids is Annalisa Siano. She takes inspiration from our children, from the mothers and the deep respect of nature.  Annalisa and anyone that works with NUN makes a lot of effort to keep alive the passion and the ideals in which this brand was born.

When do you plan on releasing your new collection?
NUN was naturally born on the sea side so the natural translation was in to summer clothes but we do get inspired by other fabrics and tickled by the idea to deal with the cold even if we are not in rush!

What are some of your personal favorite pieces in your current collection?
This is a difficult question to answer because each time we see a kid wearing one of NUN garments that one becomes our favorite!  But perhaps: ARTURO, the bathrobe made in terry cloth and linen, our first creation!

What are some of your biggest inspirations when creating NUN Kids clothing?
The purity and simplicity of children soul that keeps them close to nature.  NUN kids wants to respect the environment  to offer a better future to our children.  That's why we choose to work with natural fibers, vegetable dye with their beautiful and extended range of  colors and methods of production which minimize environmental impact.
          We would like to add that NUN Kids is a small simple story of respect and love, to protect, to teach and we also hope, to hand down.

Outfit Details:
Head Scarf: Nun-Kids
White Tank: Nun-Kids
Pink Pants: Nun-Kids
Oxfords: Zuzii
Necklace: Louise Misha
Blue Romper: Nun-Kids
Blanket: Nun-Kids