Tuesday, August 5, 2014

NUN Kids

If you have been following along on the blog this Summer or even following me on Instagram, you would have noticed my latest brand obsession...  NUN Kids.  My kids have been living in our favorite pieces and Everly wears their headscarfs all the time!  There's just something about this brand that I love, okay, there is a lot about this brand that I love, and thankfully I get to share with you all the reasons why I love this brand through the lovely women behind the brand!  Annalisa and Micaela are here today to answer some questions I sent over to them and they are going to share with us all about the amazingly sensational brand - NUN Kids!

How was NUN Kids founded?
NUN Kids was born in 2012 during a holiday by the sea.  Our children playing freely and semi naked around us were the inspirations for natural, casual and comfortable clothes.  All this without forgetting the deep traditions of garments made in Italy and the respect for nature.
    These fantasies made in front of the Sardinia's blue sea became our goals, translate then in to NUN Kids.

What are somethings you wish NUN Kids clothing to portray?
More often then ever the adults world tries to take over the children one and the kids becomes like little mirrors around us.  NUN Kids would like to give back to the children their identity and so to free their capacity to see the world with eyes not yet compromised.

     NUN Kids with its comfortable garments made of natural fibers wants to respect the children freedom of movement and the joy of exploring without restrictions.
     We hope that freedom will be the future.  NUN Kids would like for the children to feel FREE to be and do and we hope they'll learn that freedom and respect doesn't mean compromise. 

NUN Kids is made of all natural materials, what kind of materials are used exactly?
Cotton and Linen in all their variations : Jersey, Gauze, Terry Cloth etc....dyed with vegetables dyes.  We would like to start using Nettle yarn and Crabyon (is a new fiber based on the technology of making Chitin/Chitosan into fibers) which is excellent for sensitive skin and has lot of consideration for the environment.
    Creativity and ideas never run out and never will but our country is in a very delicate economic states right now and a small family business like NUN Kids has to take each step with deep consideration.

Who creates the beautiful designs of each garment?
The heart and soul of NUN Kids is Annalisa Siano. She takes inspiration from our children, from the mothers and the deep respect of nature.  Annalisa and anyone that works with NUN makes a lot of effort to keep alive the passion and the ideals in which this brand was born.

When do you plan on releasing your new collection?
NUN was naturally born on the sea side so the natural translation was in to summer clothes but we do get inspired by other fabrics and tickled by the idea to deal with the cold even if we are not in rush!

What are some of your personal favorite pieces in your current collection?
This is a difficult question to answer because each time we see a kid wearing one of NUN garments that one becomes our favorite!  But perhaps: ARTURO, the bathrobe made in terry cloth and linen, our first creation!

What are some of your biggest inspirations when creating NUN Kids clothing?
The purity and simplicity of children soul that keeps them close to nature.  NUN kids wants to respect the environment  to offer a better future to our children.  That's why we choose to work with natural fibers, vegetable dye with their beautiful and extended range of  colors and methods of production which minimize environmental impact.
          We would like to add that NUN Kids is a small simple story of respect and love, to protect, to teach and we also hope, to hand down.

Outfit Details:
Head Scarf: Nun-Kids
White Tank: Nun-Kids
Pink Pants: Nun-Kids
Oxfords: Zuzii
Necklace: Louise Misha
Blue Romper: Nun-Kids
Blanket: Nun-Kids

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