Friday, August 8, 2014

Nica Nica by Veve

Nica Nica by Veve, is a high-quality girl's clothing line focused on a combination of classic and modern twist with distinctive details that capture their inner girls. Veronica and Monica, two sisters in love with their childhood memories full of endless playtime and fun, which inspires their designs and allows them to relive the innocence and purity that they enjoyed as little girls themselves.

When I first stumbled across Nica Nica by Veve, I fell head-over-heels, because you know me and my love for a good handmade label!  I am also in love with black and white and simple, delicate pieces that can go with pretty much anything.  I love a versatile piece that can be dressed up or down and I feel like this label nails it with it's versatility capabilities within each piece.  Be sure to check out their shop to see what I'm talking about!  You can also follow their Instagram for all the latest news and upcoming lovely creations that hit their shop!

Outfit Details:
Coronet - Frou Frou
Bottoms - Ace&Jig Kids

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