Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Featuring >> Never Grow Up & 5 Mos!

Featuring >> Never Grow Up

We partnered up with such a sweet little shop this month - Never Grow Up.  We discovered them on Instagram and I really enjoy following their feed for outfit inspirations for my littles.  It was actually via their IG feed that I came across the lovely brand, Mon Marcel.  Mon Marcel creates the most beautiful knits using only the finest natural products and they are SO SOFT!  Silas' cardigan and leggings(pictured above and below) are both Mon Marcel and both have cashmere in the materials!  You can find both items at Never Grow Up, along with lots of other cutesy items!

I recently shared my favorite winter booties for Silas, because as we are going through this "socks must come off" stage, it's important for us to find items that stay on and keep those little piggies warm!  So these sweet footed-leggings have become a staple piece in Silas' wardrobe as of late.  Actually the cardigan has too!  It goes with everything...  You can dress it up or dress it down and it's such a soft, thick layer that you could even substitute as a coat, which we have done a lot already!  Never Grow Up has these leggings in multiple colors and the cardigan in blue and cream.  (Word is they are going fast, so if you want them, run!)
Outfit Details:
Cardigan//Mon Marcel
Leggings//Mon Marcel
Blanket//Spearmint Love

Silas also turned 5 months over the holiday's and I just have to document this month, because it's been a month full of FIRSTS for my sweet little big boy!  Silas has learned to roll over from back to stomach, sit up(mostly by himself), and he found his sweet little piggies!  We recently had a doctor visit due to Silas' (also first) sickness and he weighed in at a whopping 17lbs 11ozs!  It's crazy how much weight a baby can pack on just from nursing!  And I thought Everly was a chunker?...  

Hope you all are having a wonderful Tuesday!!!

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