Monday, January 6, 2014

Top 6 >> Baby Girl Blankets

It is FREEZING here in the Southeast, and all I have been thinking about is staying warm and cozy. We haven't been able to get out much, but when we do, a warm stroller blanket is a MUST for strolling around the city! I also have a little girl who loves to kick blankets off in the night, so a good blanket that you can lay over top of them is definitely a necessity.  
 I have a thing for a "good" blanket and quilts for myself. I am always on the hunt for something new and one that is up to par with my standards of a good blanket.
 So with that being said, what better to do than post about amazing baby girl blankets that I have found and love. These are some of our favorites, and then a few of them are on our wish-list. 

one - this is an UIMI blanket, and they are the best! They have them in tons of different designs and come out with something new and a fresh design each season. they are worth the splurge and they last forever. it is made from merino wool, so it really keeps you warm when you need it most.

two - this is a great basic blanket from Numero 74. Numero 74 blankets are a cotton blend, and perfect as a top layer of blanket for the littles that like to kick off their blankets at night!

three - what isn't amazing from Ferm Living? i mean, seriously!?! i love everything they create and their blankets are no different. this one is 100% cotton and is extra soft on the skin.

four - this LemLem blanket is one of our favorites. it has 4 layers of handwoven cotton, so it is extra cozy. it might not be the warmest, but it is the cutest...

five - bri and i both have this blanket on our wishlist. it is made by Niki Jones from the UK and is a linen. i can only imagine the sweet snuggles i would have under this one.

six - this is another Numero 74 blanket and is also 100% cotton. i am dying for this color! plus the thought of Scarlett's little piggies hanging out from the bottom...yeah i'm sold!

Has this post made you want to grab your littles and go for a snuggle on the couch? Me too...  ;)

Do you or your babes have a favorite blanket that you can't live without? PLEASE share! We would love to know of some more great blankets, because it's only getting colder...brrrrr...


  1. Hello,
    This is a great basic blanket,so beautiful......

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  3. Hi - look at the Brahms Mount blankets - growing families have been buying these for decades!