Monday, January 27, 2014

Featuring >> Tik Tok Junior

Carla Ferrarin creates clothing for the littlest of fashion lovers.  She creates textiles that are formed from her own artwork.  The clothes are made well so they hold up as play clothes, yet they are still super stylish. 
Tik Tok Juniors is a great line to style your kiddos while keeping the budget under control.  You get such great quality for the price you pay.  The artistry is worth every penny too.  I love the little details that Carla puts into each garment.  We knowing that love goes into every piece and you can feel good putting your child into them.  She is very on trend with her color and patterns of the clothing, and her patterns are changing with the seasons and weather too.

Carla also created the clothing line Tik Tok Frock, made for women.  Totally check it out for one-of-a-kind designs. 

Scarlett: shirt // pants

Everly: shirt // pants

Brianna and I are always talking about how much we love each of the stages that the girls are in.  And these are a few of the things that they are loving right now.  Scarlett loves to snuggle in bed and read books, over and over.  Everly is constantly wanting to have tea parties with anyone willing to accept a cup. 

The girls have recently met over FaceTime and it is so cute to watch them communicate with each other. Scarlett loves to watch Everly, and Everly calls Scarlett; "Starlett". 
These two girls are my favorite and I can't wait for them to meet.  In real life!

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