Thursday, October 17, 2013

Fall >> Bucket List

This is my first year as a mom with a little one that is old enough to enjoy things for herself and make memories.  Everly will be 2, November 1st and she is pretty much fully talking and always asking us questions and constantly asking us to do things.  All through-out the month of October we have been doing fun Fall activities with Everly (and Silas), things that we hope they will enjoy and remember.  We created a Fall Bucket List and Everly is having a blast crossing things off the list.  Here are a few (okay, a lot!) pictures of our Fall so far!  

<<Apple Picking>>

<<Picking Pumpkins, Playing in the Corn Bin and Moon Bounce>>

^^I found mine^^

<<Hay Ride, Feeding Alpacas & Painting Pumpkins>>

<<Corn Maze>>

<<Lots of Walks>>

That's a wrap of our Fall so far.  Lots of memories in the making and being made every day.  This is such a fun season, and it's been even more fun watching my babies do things for the very first time.  

What are some things you are doing this season?  What are some fun things on your Fall bucket list?  I'd love to hear/see!  If you are on Instagram, tag us @urbancub and share!  :)

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