Monday, October 21, 2013

Cold Weather Care >> SkinCare for Face

When the colder weather starts, my skin seems to do exactly what the weather does. It goes dull, it dries out, and doesn't get enough Vitamin D. I feel like I have tried just about everything to get my skin through the winter, so I have decided to share my wisdom. I will be doing a 4 week series for all of our skin needs, plus one for the kiddos. This week I am going to share my secret, not so secret, regiment for my face. I hope that you find something that will save your skin from the cold. 

Also, I found a really cool article for Winter Skin Myths, here
Just a fun extra read. <3 

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I am one of those people that can spend hours looking at skin care! I just love it. Enjoy, and I hope you find something amazing. 
Come back next week to see what skincare tips for cold weather I will be posting.

Have a lovely week. 

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