Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Guest Post >> Style on a Budget

Hi, I'm Jessica, from Tiny Gentlemen, featuring fun boy fashion and dapper style for every little gent!

I am so honored and grateful for the opportunity to guest post on Urban Cub and would like to share some tips for style on a budget. Sometimes I flinch at the high prices of cute clothing that my little guy might not fit next month, and as busy mothers I know we can all appreciate a good steal! Here are some of my favorite places to find the best prices:


I love H&M jeans because they tend to run big so my son gets more wear and play in them. They have a wide variety of colors and cuts. H&M also has some great picks for suspenders, attached to the jeans and playful cutoff shorts!


Get comfortable with Etsy! I look to Etsy for leggings because they each store has a unique style.With all the different stores you can find a steal on the perfect pair. Search for a specific design, color, or fabric, or if you're looking for something organic or hand-stamped, just type in the search! This also helps supports other small businesses!


Depending on what shoe you are looking for, I have found that some of the best finds are on Instagram! I am still relatively new to the "shops" on Instagram but so far I have found moccasins for as cheap at $15, Vans for $10, and Toms for $8; all either new with tags or gently used. If I can't find what I'm looking for, I have often been pleasantly surprised by the options at Wal-mart, yes, Wal-mart!


My go to for collared button-ups is Target, but I love any fun tee! Keep in mind that on Monday, Target's kid clothing goes on sale. -Every week! (Tuesday is Women's clothing, don't forget!) For tee shirts I'll snag some whimsical prints from the clearance at Children's Place or Old Navy--at $2-$4 a tee it's hard not to buy a couple!

Suit & Tie

Ross and TJ Maxx! Throw your pride out the window and go search for some great deals! Lots of matching sets with vest, shirt, tie and pants, range is anywhere from $8-$16! Or you can check out my other favorite, Black & Bianco. They come with a suit jacket, vest, tie, white shirt and dress pants for as cheap as $20. Fast shipping and great quality! What are some of your favorite places to shop on a budget? Of course, finding great deals takes some digging, but it's definitely worth it. With this broad idea of where to find some great steals, here is an idea of a boy's outfit for less than $25!
Outfit on a Budget
  Monster hat from Wal-Mart, $7 | Children's Place clearance tee, $3 | H&M Chino's $10 | Target Vans look a like $5 |    


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  2. I absolutely LOVED everything about this post! thank you for posting about this and finding GREAT looking clothing on a budget. I absolutely LOVE that idea! Thank you for ALL the GREAT tips as well! it is soo great to know about when the sale items come up at target. I love hearing about all the great places to find darling clothing! Thank you so much for this post! i really REALLY needed something like this! i am so happy that you posted this! thank you!! Love this darling outfit too! the red pants are just TOO darling! xoxo Heather