Friday, May 9, 2014

My Best Girlfriend >> & a Funky Legs Giveaway!!!

Recently I got a chance to get out with my girl, just her and I.  It's a rare treat, because brother still nurses around the clock and is pretty much attached at the hip.  But really there is nothing like a little girlfriend time with my own little girl.  I love when I can sneak away with her and leave the boys at home to do their own thing.  On this particular day we grabbed a scoop of ice cream (our favorite treat) and had a nice little chat about life.  One thing that I love about our little dates is that for the few minutes that I get alone with her, I can really listen.  

You know, listen...with no distractions.  

I love the sweet tone in her voice and the way she giggles after she says something.  Her eyes get huge when she talks about something she is really excited about.

I asked her what some of her favorite things to do are right now and as her eyes grew big, she excitedly said, "Eat ice cream with mama, swing really high and play with Mari, Myka, Faith and Pop-Pop."  Then she added, "And hop really high like a kangaroo."

I love her randomness, her quirkiness and above all - her joy.  Oh, her infectious joy.

She is so radiant.  So bright.  So beautiful.  So wild.  So crazy.  So amazing.  So hilarious.  So sweet.  So tender.  So incredible.

When I got home that evening after our date, I told Josh that I need to do that more often.  She lifts me up unlike anyone can.  She has a way of putting me in the happiest mood.  I feel so incredibly blessed to call her my own.  To call her my girl.  My girlfriend.  My best friend.

||Outfit Details||
Tank - Gap, Shorts and Socks - Funky Legs, Shoes - Converse, Headband - Little Hip Squeaks

We love Funky Legs here are Urban Cub.  We wear a lot of Funky Legs items on a day-to-day basis because there is nothing out there that can beat the quality.  We own a few pairs of tights and socks and are amazed that wash after wash they still look brand new.  We love their pants, they are comfy and perfect for a day of lounging, yet perfect for a day out matched with your favorite tee.  And then there are these shorts...We love these shorts!  And Miriam, the fabulous designer behind this amazing brand, is giving you a chance AND your friend to win a pair of the shorts Everly is wearing in today's post.  She is offering three prints, which are gender neutral, so you can tag all your little boyfriends and girlfriends.

The giveaway is going on over on Instagram... All you have to do to enter is follow @funkylegs and @urbancub, find the photo pictured below and tag as many friends as you want and then head over to Facebook and follow Funkylegs over there!

Winner's will be chosen NEXT Friday, the 16th!  Have fun!

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

P.S. Click here, to check out how Scarlett rocked her Funky Legs shorts.

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