Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Ace & Jig Kids SS14

Ace&Jig is by far, BY FAR, one of my favorite brands in the world.  I love this brand so much and for so many reasons.  I love the woven cotton textiles that are one-of-a-kind and so beyond comfortable!  I love that there is really nothing else out there that is the same and compares to the styles that Ace&Jig puts together.  I love that they not only put out the most outstanding women's line, but they also have created a fabulous children's line.  I love that the women's and children's lines are made out of the same prints from one season to the next, so that you have the chance to match your children, or better yet, they have the chance to match you!  ;)   These are seriously just a few reasons why I love this brand, because trust me, I could go on...  But here is my above all, top favorite reason, I love these two IN Ace&jig!  Seriously, just look at them - my twins!!!  My heart might explode...

This season I got all my Ace&Jig children's clothes at Bibizoo.  There are only a few shops that carry this lovely brand and the shops that do can attest that it doesn't last long.  This is a very sought after and loved brand!  (By the way - there is nothing like ordering something with anticipation and receiving it in rocket speed!  I must say Bibizoo ROCKS at super speedy delivery!)

If you are wanting to get your hands on some Ace&Jig kids, I know Shannon currently restocked some of her products - including my favorites, the dot boardwalk dress that Everly is wearing and the dot baja hoodie Silas is wearing!  So run and get them if you want them, because you may never get the chance, unless you want to stalk eBay for the rest of your life.  ;)

Ok - so we all know Shannon is amazing, right?  That's because she rocks and because she is giving our readers a whopping 30% off ALL Ace&Jig products at Bibizoo!  Enter code: "ACE" at checkout.  This code will be good May 20th-23rd at Midnight EST.  And don't forget, always FREE SHIPPING!  Does it get any better then this???


Hope you have a gorgeous day, Friends!

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