Thursday, May 29, 2014


I am always late to the game at buying swimwear.  I have been seeing all these amazing swimsuits for months now and I'm just now realizing as the Summer heat is kicking in that I really need to purchase suits for my children!  We booked our first vacation to the beach and I've been on the hunt for cute swimwear all week.  I finally narrowed down my top suits for Everly and Silas for this Summer, and these were at the top of my list!

I am so ready for vacation!  The last REAL vacation I went on was my honeymoon...  (Sad, I know.)  And guys, Everly is 2 1/2 and she has yet to see the beach!  That's just nuts!  I am so excited, because this will be a first that Everly and Silas will get to share and experience together - their first time to the beach!  I will be taking lots of pictures and hope to share them with you here!  :)

I like to keep things a bit more modest at the beach, because it's just something I want to teach my children, but it's also smart with the sun and my extremely fair babies.  I went with either tankini's or one-pieces for Everly, although, this bikini is pretty stinking cute from Gap.
||1|| ||2|| ||3|| ||4|| ||5|| ||6||

 With Silas, I have been in love with the brief style shorties.  They are perfect for him, since it's a meshy material so nothing is digging into his chubby belly and sides.  It seems to work best for his body type and to keep him most comfortable.  I also paired his bottoms with rashguards because, again, he is so incredibly fair, he needs to be protected from the sun at any cost.  I can't wait to see his chunky thighs hanging out of these!  ha!
||1 top // bottom|| ||2 top // bottom|| ||3 top // bottom||

I would love to see what bathing suits you chose for your little ones this year!  If you would like to share, tag us at @urbancub on Instagram or use hashtag #UCstyle!  Can't wait to see!

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