Friday, May 2, 2014

Urban Cub On The Go >> Everly and Silas

I'm so excited about this little series!  It's fun to give you a little snapshot of what I see on a daily basis.  These are the photos that I take when I'm "in the moment" with the little ones.  A quick iPhone snapshot that I will hold close to my heart forever.  All these little seconds and moments in life we will never get back, but at least I'll have this sweet photo to hold onto and the memory that goes with it.  Each moment in life should be cherished and I am indeed cherishing every moment I get with these babies of mine.

 She has so much spunk.  I wish I could be half as cool as she is.

 That one time he laughed so hard he cried.  (So glad I got this moment on video!)  He is the biggest joy to have around.  I seriously couldn't be more happy to be his mama.

Everly and Silas love their Aunts.  And I am so thankful that they not only have these two amazing girls in their life to call family but to call friends.  These two girls are Everly's best friends.

 Everly snapped this photo.  She was so excited that we were "matching".  She kept calling us twins.

 This boy is 9 months old and is full of adventure.  He always wants to be exploring and taking everything in.  He is the total opposite of what Everly was like at this age so this is all new to me.  I never knew a baby could be so independent.

 This is the before photo.  The after photo involves everything in that cabinet removed...  He's into EVERYTHING!

Every once in a while I splurge and buy mama a little something.  These. Pants. Are. Everything.

 There is nothing that makes me more proud then watching these two interacting and loving on each other.  When they are playing together I seriously just stare at them and take it all in.  I love the way Everly takes care of her brother and shares her things with him and I love how much Silas looks up to his big sister and takes everything she does in.

 My big helper.

His first cone!  And he ate the whole thing!

She found everything pink in her closet and put it on.  I should seriously just let her dress herself from here on, because her outfit choices are the best.

 Probably the cutest thing I've ever witnessed.  Everly giving Silas a ride on her 4-wheeler!

 We got out, just the two of us.  We went to Target.  We chatted and giggled about silly things.  She is always making me laugh - always putting a smile on my face.  She loves one-on-one time, she loves just getting out with me and is happy doing whatever.  I think it's amazing that she could care less what she is doing as long as it's with her mama, that's what's special to her.  It seriously drives me wild how wild I am about her.

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Have a marvelous weekend!!

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