Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Featuring >> G. Nancy

Georgia Nancy Nicholson is the creator of these comfortable, stylish and AMAZING kids pajamas. Most of you might know her as gdotnancy on Instagram, her feed is always adorable and she keeps us up to date on her latest pieces. She also creates bedding, and these "dressing gowns" that will make you want to be a kid again. Everything is made to fit your sweet babe just right and they have the perfect stretch to them. You can read more of her story here of how she became one of the best (personal opinion) designers for children's sleepwear.

I am a sucker for some good pajamas. I DO NOT pass them up when I see some that I love or ones that are made perfectly for Scarlett. When we saw G.Nancy for the first time that was our reaction. We just had to have a pair. I actually got pretty lucky in scoring a pair that she had posted on IG (flash sale, maybe?) and they have quickly become some of our favorites.

When we were looking around looking for people to re-brand the blog Bri came across Oli, creative mind behind Electric Puppet. We LOVE the work he did for us and we have a little spot for him in our heart. So when we connected the pieces and realized that him and Georgia are a precious couple, we fell even more in love with her.

She 'leaked' on Instagram that she was releasing new stuff with Oli's work on it! I am infatuated with the cockatoo, and the bear.....(naturally). Georgia sent Scarlett the Cockatoo Longs PJ Set, and I am thrilled. Oli's hand illustrated designs are perfectly placed on her ever so soft pajamas. They fit Scarlett perfectly, even during and after growth spurts. She has mastered the art of pajama making.

Scarlett loves a couple things with her whole heart. Being outside is one of them, and being at her Grandmas is another one. So what else could I do but take photos of her doing two of her favorite things?? I love seeing Scarlett at her happiest, doing the most simple of things. She has a laugh that is contagious, and no matter the mood you are in she will make you smile.

I haven't been able to spend as much time with Scarlett as I am used to, because of some family matters, so when I am with her I am in absolute awe of the little girl she has become. Even just a week of growth has changed her so much. She turned 21 months last week, and before I know it her second birthday will be here. They grow so fast, and honestly I feel so blessed to be able to witness such an amazing miracle. This little girl has my heart and soul.

-Scarlett's outfit details-
||  G.Nancy/Oli Holmes pj shirt  ||
||  G.Nancy star shorties similar here (ash stars)  ||


PS. Oli made these signatures for us too!!!

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