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We love essential oils here at Urban Cub. I use mine on a daily basis and actually have come quite addicted to them. I look for that smell of Lavender in stressful situations, or the peppermint taste when I need a boost. Not only do I love using them on myself but they have become a big part of Scarlett's life. I use them for so many uses for her. From boo-boo's to her night time bath routine, I somehow find a way to incorporate them into her daily life. 
P.S. Bri is a rep for doTERRA essential oils. The best "e.o." on the market. (In my opinion) You should go buy some oils from her here. It really helps having her know so much, I go to her often for advice. 

I want to become that person who replaces everything in her medicine cabinet with essential oils. It is a process to be that dedicated when I have been relying on Western Medicine for so long. I love the process of it; finding an oil and reading up on the uses, pinning new ideas for uses, trying it in everyday life. It is an exciting new adventure for our family! 
We stumbled across Brooklyn Limegreen a couple months back, and fell in love with their company. Not only is it ran by three women (#powertothemamas), but their philosophy behind the company is one I wish more companies would think about.
"Sometimes the more simple things are and become, 
the more we question how things ever became so complex."  
One of the many thoughts that Tamlia, Rebecca, and Allison have when they are thinking about their products. They are whole-heartedly invested in LimeGreen and making it be the best it can be. 

Which brings me to their products......
Ladies, men, children of any age. Listen up. 
These products are some of the best products I have bought, especially for Scarlett. 
We both have extremely sensitive skin so I am very careful about picking products for us to use. I love that all of LimeGreen's products have unrefined, certified organic, raw, wild harvested and steam distilled ingredients, such as Coconut, Olive, Castor, Sweet Almond oils, Soy Wax and Alcohol Free Witch Hazel Distillate. 
They have six essential oil blends that are curated in-house with scents that are unique, fresh and aromatic. Each one of their products are multi-use, most of them are so pure that you can use them from head-to-toe. 

Below are some of the ones that i've tried and fallen in love with. 
These are my honest opinions, as I take my skincare very serious. I don't (can't) mess around with anything that is irritating to the skin, so I am very picky about what I pick for us. This is just what works for us. :) 

Their baby oil has become one of my favorites. I use it all over Scarlett after bath time, and I use it in my hair as a light moisturizer. The smell is amazing especially when its getting close to going to bed. That smell of essential oils calms me, prepares me for rest, puts a smile on my face. Which in turn lets me have a good and peaceful nights rest. 


I fell in love with the Baby Wash when we went to LA, I took it with us instead of her big bottle of baby wash. I want to order more of these little bottles (FYI: they sell 4oz. bottles perfect travel/sample sizes). They make Scarlett smell delicious at bedtime. It is very calming and soothing, we like the Lavandula scent. 


The room-linen-body spray is just that. From head to toe use, for anything to smell good. We have this one in the sunflower scent. It is very light, with a summery effect. It is also a great travel buddy for all those airplane and car rides. Just spray it in the car and its completely safe for baby. LOVE THAT.  

This candle is on my 'wish list'. I am in love with the rest of their products and the smell of them are just perfect, so why wouldn't I get the candle to have burning all day?! I'll be getting this soon with summer just around the corner, i'll need a fresh new candle. They also have another candle called picnic-backyard-beach for when you are outdoors and like me always get bitten by buggers! Check it out, it comes in a cute little terra cotta planter. 

Again that brings me to how wonderful this company is. Every jar/tin/planter that comes with the candle has other uses, meaning less waste, and every time that you take to reuse or repurpose something means that we are helping reduce that waste. Another reason to support a business that has the World in mind. We love, love, love to help flourishing businesses grow and Brooklyn LimeGreen is no exception. I love the purpose behind the company, to the products, to the fun and artsy website they have created. This one is another "Trust Us" company. 

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