Friday, May 23, 2014

Featuring >> Lisa Chow

 Brittany and I met via Instagram, and our main draw to one another was our sweet little loves, Scarlett and Everly (Silas wasn't born yet.).  We both admired one another in so many ways and of course loved the way each other dressed and styled our girls.  When we decided to start a blog together, we had the little girls exchange little mail packages, that included little gifts from one another.  Everly and Scarlett quickly became best buds and even Facetime when they get the chance.  It is such a cute little bond and it has been a joy to watch them interact.  Everly talks about Scarlett regularly and their friendship could not be any cuter!

Brittany and I watched their long distance friendship blossom and we knew there had to be a lot of other little ones in the same situation as Everly and Scarlett - where mama's meet online/Instagram and friendships are created between themselves and their little ones.

Brittany and I had a little vision and we really wanted to do something for all these little friends around the world, to make their connection all the more sweeter.  We scoped out some artists and really felt we found our perfect match with Lisa Chow!  We knew after we saw her work that she would be able to create exactly what we were looking for and bring our vision to light.

And thus came...  Lisa Chow + Urban Cub BEST FRIEND TATTOOS!

We are so BEYOND excited with how these sweet tattoos turned out!  (Lisa, you are AMAZING!!)  We really wanted to create a universal tattoo that any little one could sport.  With each pack you get a "BEST" side and a "FRIEND" side, so your little one can keep the one side and send the other side off to their bestie; near or far.

Here is Everly drawing some pictures on some beautiful Lisa Chow Art stationary and rocking her tattoos from Scarlett!

Okay, so what do you think?  We really hope you love them as much as we do!  If you decide to buy a set, be sure to use code "URBANCUB" at checkout to purchase them for only $5!  When you receive them, be sure to use hashtag #lisachowplusUC, to be featured on our Instagram!  Also, I'm not gonna lie, I was even getting my Lisa Chow + Urban Cub tattoos on and they are pretty awesome!  :)

Thank you again Lisa for creating everything we hoped for and more!  This collaboration with you has been a blast!  I hope this is just the first of many more.  You have been a dream to partner with and I always get a chuckle when I read your emails.  You are so real and I love that about you!  I hope you are enjoying life with your new GORGEOUS baby girl!  (Enjoy it, it goes so fast!)

To follow Lisa on Instagram to see this adorable little girl I'm speaking of and to see all her latest art go here.  Or you can also follow her on Pinterest, Twitter or Facebook.  I would if I were you!  ;)

Everly's Outfit Details:
Dress: Soft Gallery (currently 15% off!)
Sandals: Saltwaters (use code "roadtrip" for 20% off!)
Hairclip: The Littles

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  1. Oh my, these pictures are too good! Everly is too stinkin cute and I LOVE her penpal relationship with Scarlett! I have LOVED working with you guys and YES to many more collabs in the future! Maybe I can get Margot in on it. =P