Monday, February 17, 2014

Featuring >> FUNKY LEGS

If there is one thing that Scarlett loves to do, without a doubt at anytime of the day, it is to go outside and walk. She loves to watch people, and talk to them. It seems like she is learning so much when we go out to a busy area and walk. She just soaks it up like nothing I have ever seen before. She always has a smile on her face, so in turn I do too. 

I can't wait to see her personality grow and flourish. I can already tell she will be such a people person, and a very curious little girl. Which means a lot of questions. ha! I better gear up for that one! We love to get dressed up and go out. Without a doubt every time we put together an outfit and step outside, every other person stops us to tell us how cute her outfit is. Sunday was no exception. This outfit was such a hit. It was because of the shorts and the tights! They are the brand Funky Legs. If you have not heard of them, just take a look at these pictures and read my review below! Funky Legs have become one of our favorites for our key pieces in Scarlett's wardrobe.

Scarlett's Outfit Details
Mini and Maximus-"Duh" Tee
Funky Legs-heart tights
Funky Legs-bow shorts
Minnetonka Moccasins- Fringe Booties

There isn't one thing that I don't like about Funky Legs. I have always had a wonderful experience with the quality of clothing and Miriam (the lady behind it all) it a dream and so kind-hearted! Have you ever had a pair of tights that after one time wearing and washing them, they pile? Or they stretch or end up coming out of the washer just not the same? Well, Funky Legs has solved this problem in our household. These tights last forever! That isn't all they make either. Their shorts are beyond the best. They fit like a dream, and feel just as amazing. They have a couple of other pieces too that do not disappoint. If you know anything about us at Urban Cub, you know how we value quality over quantity.

You can buy Funky Legs in the US at Spearmint Love

 Here are a few images from the new SS14 line

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  1. I'm not sure if my earlier comment worked as I typed it on my phone, so just in case, I'll post it again...

    I was just wondering what size your daughter was wearing in these tights and shorts. She looks about the same size in these pics as my little lady and I would love to know how the brand fits. Thanks!