Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Top 6 >> Spring Favorites

one || so little so hip suspenders
two || donna wilson belle bird
three || humble hilo sandals
four || children of the tribe pineapple onesie
five || lieschen mueller rabbit bonnet
six || heico rabbit lamp

The transition from Winter into Spring is the most refreshing season swap ever!  Our Winter's in PA are LONG and by the time we hit March, I'm so ready for the first day of Spring.  I anticipate that official date on the calendar for so many reasons, but mainly because I know gorgeous weather is just lurking around the corner.  Today I chose a few Spring inspired items for the sweet little babies in your life, just to make you anticipate it with me all the more!  Okay, but seriously...  Is there anything in the world cuter then sweet baby toes peeking out of sandals?  Or chubby baby thighs just hanging out in a little onesie?  I didn't think so...

Come on March 20th!!!

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