Tuesday, March 11, 2014

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I've always loved the bohemian/hippie style and lean toward brands like Free People, Wild Fox, Urban Outfitters, Spell DesignsAnthropologie, Lucky, etc. for my own personal style.  I am by no means an expert at this style/look, but I have noticed a huge trend going on in Everly's closet and I have come to realize it's by far one of my favorite looks for her and myself.  I have also noticed lately that this style in popping up in looks for the little ones more and more.  But even though this style is popping up, not every brand is on trend and it can be a bit tricky knowing how to style what with what.  It's tons of fun though, piecing together everyday wear with pops of bohemian touches.  Here are some looks I've been piecing together and items I'm collecting this season for Everly.

||waistcoat|| ||tank|| ||pants|| ||moccasins|| ||bracelet||

Boho Tomboy
This is and will be always one of my favorite looks on Everly.  Ever since she was in my tummy I shopped for clothing in the boys sections.  I was always on the hunt for gender neutral items that I could wear on her and to this day, I still favor the boys section for certain items for her.  I would say you can go completely boys-wear on a girl with simply just adding a headband, but we have been mixing it up a bit lately.  With this Boho Tomboy outfit I added a floral print pant and a bracelet, but you can really do anything that adds that little touch that says, "Yes, I'm a girl."

Boho Chic
I think there is so much beauty and simplicity that goes with white on white.  When I think of "Boho Chic", I think of lace, flower crowns, whites and ivory.  But honestly, you can do so much more.  I have a thousand different looks envisioned for this "category" and would love to share them all with you, but I'll just leave you with this one, since it's one of my favorite ways to go.  This whole look is on my wishlist for Everly!! :)

Boho Rock n' Roll
Do you ever put outfits on your little ones that you know some will "get" and other won't?  Yes - I love those kinds of outfits!  ha!  I love to sometimes mix things up with a little bit of a "grungy" look.  I personally love this look on Everly and she can totally rock it.

Boho Hippie
Every little girl can pull off this sweet look.  I love a girl in some overalls, moccasins and plain white tees (or vintage tee).  This is the american girl look.  Again - another favorite and can be done up in so many different ways.

So here are my top 4 favorite styled boho looks for this Spring and Summer.  I would love to see your favorite boho pieces for your little ones.  If you are on Pinterest we opened up a group board for anyone to pin to so we can see your favorite boho looks and pieces!  If you would like to join in on the fun, simply email us your Pinterest email and we will add you to the group!  Or if you just want to take a peek, you can here.


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