Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Featuring >> Bibizoo & A GIVEAWAY

Today we get an inside look at one of our most favored new online shops!  Shannon is the founder and owner of the new online children's shop called Bibizoo!  Bibizoo will quickly be known for it's eye-catching children's pieces which range with some of our most beloved brands; Mini Rodini, Organic Zoo, Fink Toys and soon to be added, Ace & Jig, Goat Milk and Noe and Zoe!  One thing we are huge for at Urban Cub is gender neutral items and Bibizoo is in full stock of accommodating pieces to fit this genre.

I had the pleasure of speaking with Shannon and we are really excited to share our little interview with you all.  I also had the privilege of being one of her first customers - I scored some of my favorite Mini Rodini pieces from their first and second drop!  Woot!  (Here is Everly rocking her Giraffe top and leggings from Bibizoo!)

1.) Shannon, when did your love for children's fashion originate?

When I found myself without a job and pregnant with my first son I started blogging and researching the best baby products. I was obsessed with finding the perfect stroller, car seat, etc. (I think you do this more with your first!) I loved picking out his little outfits. And then, three short years later, when I had his brother, I loved pulling them out again! 

2.) When did you decide on opening a shop? And what was your final push to actually do it?

I have always loved clothes and worked retail through college, ending my stint at Anthropologie before having kids. I loved the retail pace and creativity and craved the social interaction. When my older son was around a year I really, really wanted to open a store in our little town in Florida. But, as soon as I started the business plan, the numbers just weren't right. I didn't think the area would get enough foot traffic, and paying for full time preschool on top of a lease for the shop would just be too much of a commitment. My husband suggested I open something online, but of course I didn't listen to him! It took moving to DC and encouragement from one of my good friends to finally make the jump (3 years later)!

3.) What are some of your dreams for Bibizoo as you look into the future?

My short term goal is to start doing some pop up shops in DC and flex my merchandising skills! These will be fun shopping events with treats, special discounts, and only for one weekend at a time. Longer term, within 2-3 years, I would like to open a brick and mortar store in DC. There just aren't that many kid stores here. I take alot of inspiration from Goatmilk NYC, who built their business online and now have a gorgeous shop location that also serves as their shipping office! (And my younger one will be school age by then!) 

4.) How do you juggle being a stay-at-home-mom and a work-from-home-mom?

I never sleep. :) If I get an email during working hours, pretty much expect I won't respond until after 7 pm. Coincidentally I find myself getting so much work done on the weekends! I'll send 10 emails and then wonder... where is everyone? Oh yeah, enjoying the weekend. I hope my older son, 4 years, will be in full time preschool next year (since he doesn't nap!). Then I can go back to working in that lovely morning nap period (enjoy it while it lasts mamas!).

You can learn more about Bibizoo here and you can follow Shannon's blog for Bibizoo here.

Shannon really is the most amazing mama!  Brittany and I both love her and think she is the sweetest ever ever ever!  (We might have a little crush on her.)  And to top it off, she is offering our readers a way to get their hands on some new Mini Rodini!  AMAZING!  This fabulous giveaway is going on over on Instagram, so if you want in on this goodness, get on over there and enter!  All you have to do to enter is follow @bibizoo and @urbancub, then tag your friends in the comments of the giveaway photo.  One lucky winner and the friend they tagged will get to choose their choice of the new Mini Rodini (excluding swim and outerwear) from Bibizoo's shop!  Winners will be chosen and announced on March, 19th!  

Good Luck!!

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  1. I am in love with her tutu' thanks for beautiful this store! obsessed with the little softies.