Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Words >> Let's be real

We are always trying to teach and train our children.  It's ingrained in us to want our children to be the best that they can be.

Love fiercely, give graciously, be brave, be courageous, choose joy, be nice always, forgive without being asked, work hard, laugh always, be true to yourself and others, love....love...and love unconditionally.

It starts and ends with love.  Always.

That sounds easy.  That sounds like something everyone should excel in, right?

My day-to-day with Everly can become mundane and just that "day-to-day", I get tired.  But this is my prayer - that I would never stop showing Everly and teaching her about love.  The best thing I could ever show Everly is how to love others unconditionally.  The rest will unravel from there.

How can we challenge ourselves to be what we want our children to be like?  Let's show and be, because let's be honest.  It's not just taught; it's caught! ;)

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