Monday, March 31, 2014

Scarlett >> Lately

This past Winter was long, as i'm sure most of you experienced, so we had to come up with a lot of things to do around the house to keep busy. One thing Scarlett started is looking out the window, around the time everyone starts coming home for the day, and she just watches the cars drive by. 

She gets so excited about the silliest things. If she sees a car that looks like mine or her daddy's she squeals. Or if a motorcycle, her favorite, comes by she tells you about it for the following thirty minutes. Making 'vroooom, vroooom' sounds and saying "da-da" or "pa" (her daddy and grandpa both have motorcycles). She also tells you about their helmets, while tapping her head repeatedly. She has become very very vocal, and tries really hard to tell a story. 

She also LOVES animals. So anytime that someone is walking their dog, it is a huge deal. She points that little finger and makes the 'woof' sound with her cute little voice. I love it. She is in complete awe of things, and it makes me just love her even more (if that is even possible). 

I got a chance to catch her this weekend, while the cars were coming in keeping her attention, to snap a few pictures. These are the moments that I am grateful that I get to capture because it is something that she loves so much right now.I never want to forget the look in her eyes of pure curiosity, or that tiny little squeal that she lets out. Or even the little sounds that she makes when she is telling me all about what is going on outside. 

Her daddy (whose "chair" this is) says that he and Scarlett are the 'neighborhood watch'. Ha! They could just sit and look out the window all day. Such good moments to be cherished and happy that I get to share them with you all today! 

||she knows that she is cute||

||I had to share this one with you! This face! haha!||

Have you seen the new SS14 collection from Winter Water Facotry? They always, always, have the best prints with the cutest fitting clothing. 
Their dresses have been a must in Scarlett's closet since she was born. They have awesome rompers, and leggings too! 

Scarlett is wearing the Rocking Horse baby dress in Anchors Red which you can find here
If you have never tried Winter Water Factory (WWF) then trust me, you need to! 
They are certified organic and made right here in the USA! 

I want to thank Tiffany for sending this awesome dress to Scarlett. We seriously love it, and we will be wearing it quite a bit this summer! Thank you so much! 

Hope you all have a fabulous Monday, with a great start to the week! 

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