Tuesday, July 1, 2014


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WataCukrowa is a Polish children's wear brand.  They create comfortable clothing for children with bold prints that embrace what childhood is all about.  I love that this brand doesn't compromise a fun an awesome look, for comfort.  Your child can be comfortable and cool at the same time.

I went with the Polar Bear sweatshirt for Silas and the tee for Everly and they have become some of their favorite pieces in their wardrobe.  Everly asks to wear her Polar Bear shirt frequently and Silas has worn his sweatshirt on countless breezy Summer nights.  We took the tee and the sweatshirt to the beach and a couple people stopped and asked us where they were from, thinking we got them on the boardwalk or something.  ha!  There is no denying how adorable these clothes are!

I can't believe we are in July already!  It's always been a favorite month of mine, because it's such a fun time of the year.  It reminds me of fireworks, concerts in the park, dripping ice cream cones...  And now, the birth of my amazing Son!  I can't believe that my baby boy will be ONE this month, it went by way way way too fast!  Here's to soaking up the last few days with my baby boy before his big day!

Happy July 1st everyone!  Another month to make memories that will last a lifetime!

Everly's Outfit Details:
Headband - Mint and Arrow
Suspenders - So Little So Hip (reopening July 4th)
Shorts - Gap
Sandals - Saltwaters

Silas' Outfit Details:
Sweatshirt - WataCukrowa
Bloomers - Bobo Choses

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