Thursday, July 17, 2014

Flora and Henri

 Josh has off on Wednesday's instead of Saturday's, so we always try to put something on the schedule weekly to fill our Wednesday's with something fun to do with the kids.  We also love to do things that are somewhat educational, or a new, learning experience.  This is probably ingrained in us since we both came from homeschool families who always tried to make everything educational.  ;)  

This week we took a little trip to a local farm to pick some fresh blueberries.  Everly LOVED it and did an awesome job picking!  It was so much fun watching her, she was so into it and tried so hard to only pick the perfectly blue and ripe berries.  Silas got his hands in the fun too!  He loved the feeling of squishing the berries in between his fingers. ha!

If you follow me on Instagram, you have seen this sweet little outfit that Everly wore berry picking before.  In fact you would have seen these amazing stripe bloomers on both of my kids!  (Yes, they share clothes.)  Everly's halter and bloomers are both from a favorite shop - Flora and Henri.  Flora and Henri offers a hard to find collection of thoughtful treasures to mark every child’s cherished moments.  If money grew on trees, I would love to have one (or two) of everything from their shop for my babies.  I love the pure, simple, and exquisite trend that sets the tone for their shop and I really enter dreamland whenever I shop their site.  You should give it a try sometime.  :)

Everly's Outfit Details:
Halter: Flora and Henri (currently on sale)
Bloomers: Flora and Henri (currently on sale)
Bonnet: Little Name

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