Friday, July 11, 2014


Nadadelazos makes clothing with very distinctive designs and spacious, comfortable patterns that facilitate the ability to move freely, with colors and patterns that help children live in their fantasy worlds, color and adventure. 

Nadadelazos believes the reality of our children is "their reality" and not ours.  The reality of our children is a world of new emotions, a world of fun, happiness and smiles, and childish tantrums, sulking and anger.  A whole new world of feelings and perceptions to the surface.  We are aware that it is most likely the happiest in the life of a person and that leaves a mark on what we will be larger after day.  Let them get dirty, trample puddles, splashing, investigate, and ultimately, to be free and to be free also in his imagination and fantasies; and thus also help to develop their imagination and creativity. 

Nadadelazos is equally committed that our children inherit a better world.  For this reason, and consistent with our defense of the environment, they try to help in this regard with small actions as they are working with eco-friendly fabrics such as organic cotton, or use recycled paper in their offices.  Following this commitment, they spend part of their profits to support programs and charitable activities through various organizations.

Nadadelazos is currently offering 30% off their entire site!  Don't miss out on this amazing Little Blackfoot collection!  I know I will be stocking up on my favorites!

Have a lovely Friday and weekend!!!

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