Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Princess Everly >> & Yaya Lala!!!

I feel like Everly is a little bit of everything.  When I describe her to people I never feel like I can do her justice.  She's a little bit of this and a little bit of that.  But one thing that always amazes me is Everly's courageousness in just being herself.  She calls herself "Princess Everly" when she plays dress up.  She is her very own princess.  I'm happy that she doesn't choose to be a character, but chooses to be herself.  I know she is still young and one day she will struggle with thoughts of not being good enough, but as her mom, I will always be here to remind her that she is the most beautiful when she is herself.  

 One of Everly's favorite things to do recently is play dress up and play pretend.  Today Everly was cooking us up some yummy food, all dressed up in the outfit she picked out all by herself.   She always finds an oversized dress, piles on the accessories and picks out a pair of shoes that I have put away for her when she gets older.  These Yaya Lala shoes are her go-to pair.  She calls these her "princess shoes".  She grabs them anytime she wants to add that extra special touch to an outfit.  They are gorgeous, I don't blame her!  And I can't wait until she grows into them!!!  (Which won't be long at the rate Everly is growing!)

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Yaya Lala is the brand of elaborated children's shoes handmade by a small group of skilled artisans.  The original designs are created by Adriana, former architect and designer from Brazil who lives in London with husband and daughter named Clara.  These shoes are timeless and bring us back to a time where everything seemed to be more generous – a vital requisite for exquisite craftsmanship like the ones Yaya Lala endeavour to purvey.

Here are some of my favorites and I can't wait to see what they have coming next season!

Every little girl needs a pair of shoes that makes her feel like a princess, right?

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