Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Baby Bloomer Outfits

One of my favorite Summer looks of all times, is a sweet little baby in a pair of bloomers.  I purchased a few pairs for Silas for this Summer and I can't wait to see his chunky thighs in them.  I also purchased some for Everly, because it will be her last year that she will be able to fit into them, as most of them only go up to a 2yr.  So you can bet your bottoms that I will be squeezing her little tush into them this Summer!

This look is so simple and perfect for those hot humid Summer days.  I don't know about your babies, but my babies sweat like crazy in the Summer heat, so less is best around here.  (As long as you lather them in suntan lotion of course!)  There are so many options for styles, you can go everyday wear or even get pretty dressy with it for nicer occasions.  I know I will be having loads of fun styling our baby bloomers this Summer and here are some of the ways I will be styling them...

1 ||top J Crew|| ||bloomers Noe&Zoe||
2 ||top Bacabuche|| ||bloomers Bobo Choses||
3 ||top Tiny Cottons|| ||bloomers One + in the Family||
4 ||top Nico Nico|| ||bloomers Noe&Zoe||
5 ||top I Talk To Much|| ||bloomers Nununu||
6 ||top Oeuf|| ||bloomers Misha & Puff||

1 ||top Anais and I|| ||bloomers Soor Ploom||
2 ||top Siaomimi|| ||bloomers Kidscase||
3 ||top Oeuf|| ||bloomers Misha & Puff||
4 ||top Boy + Girl|| ||bloomers Milapinou||
5 ||top Soor Ploom|| ||bloomers Flora & Henri||
6 ||top J Crew|| ||bloomers Seesaw||

I'd love to hear what you think!  Who else is going to be shopping bloomers for their baby this season?

I hope everyone has a lovely Tuesday!  xox

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