Friday, April 4, 2014

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SO Awesome; is Owned by Michigan-based Graphic Designer, Marie-Claire Camp, momma of twin boys, and Montessori enthusiast, who completely nailed it with these amazing products that offer gorgeous, educational, non-toxic, extremely durable card sets designed for how kids play and work. (Marie-Claire made these cards for her twins, Silas and Owen, they're the two little faces in the logo!)

I try to create ways where I can open doors of creativity and imagination play for Everly in her early years.  Since we plan to keep Everly and Silas home in their school years and are leaning towards a Montessori approach for teaching them, we are always on the hunt for educational and hands on items for them.  We are currently entering the Preschool age with Everly and are working on our numbers, colors, shapes, etc. so when I came across SO Awesome, I knew these items would fit perfectly into our everyday, to help her learn, all while adding fun and hands on opportunity for her.  I started out with the Wallet Card Set, Colors & Shapes Wallet Cards, and the GO Wallet Cards - all which have become a big hit in our home.  She loves having her own wallet, where she stores all her money (real and fake), and she is always requesting we play with her Wallet Cards.  She is actually really into learning right now and is a SPONGE, soaking it all in.  We are constantly amazed at how quickly she picks up on things, and these products are right on with helping in her early education and learning development.

If you are looking for some hands on, early educational items for those little hands, these are truly amazing.  Everly could sit and play with them for hours on end.  They are also great teething toys ;)  Silas loves to get his hands and mouth on these cards too!  Which is perfectly fine because the plastic cards are extremely durable and non-toxic for even the smallest children to play with.  These cards are pretty much indestructible!  Need I say more?  :)

||Item Details in Photos||
Everly's Outfit: Necklace, Top & Shorts - Louise Misha
Mama's Outfit: Dress - Ace & Jig
Teepee: Marlowe and Jay 

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