Friday, April 11, 2014

10 things >> about Everly

1>> Everly is the most OCD person I've ever met.  She has so many things that always need to be just perfect.  I'm not sure if this is just a phase or if this is something that we will have to deal with forever.
2>> Everly is an incredibly caring and kind person.  She always wants to make sure you are okay.  Also, recently she is all about compliments.  She compliments people she doesn't even know.  Just yesterday she told a lady that she liked her necklace and asked her if she got a new haircut (someone she never met before...) and said, "I love your new haircut!"
3>> Ever since Everly was a baby (2 weeks old) she was an amazing sleeper.  To this day she still does 12-14hrs at night and takes a 2-3hr nap in the middle of the day.  I didn't get so lucky with Silas...
4>> I mentioned this in a couple posts back, but Everly is insanely hard to describe when it comes to her personality.  She is wild, yet timid.  She is strong, yet gentle.  She is sassy, yet sweet.  She is hilarious, yet serious.  She is brave, yet scared.  She is outgoing, yet shy.  She is a very well-rounded girl and is a little bit of everything.  I think this is what makes Everly so special because she can be on anyone's level.  She always knows exactly what someone needs to hear or what she should do for someone to make them feel comfortable.
5>> Touching off of #2 and #4, Everly is a huge people person.  Ever since she was a tiny baby, all she ever wanted to do was make people smile.  She is also HILARIOUS!  She is always always always making us laugh.
6>> Everly loves to read.  She could read and "snuggle" up in my lap for hours.  She doesn't really have any interest in toys.  She would rather follow me around all day and do everything I am doing, instead of sitting in front of the tv or playing with things of her own.  But if she does request to do something with me, it is always, "I want to read a book!".
7>> Everly is full of life and full of wonder.  She has the biggest imagination.  Everly is always talking our ears off and sharing "made up" stories to us.  Since she is only 2, she still doesn't have a full vocabulary and when she is sharing stories, sometimes she uses made up words.  It cranks me up, the things she comes up with to replace a word she doesn't know.
8>> Everly told me a couple days ago that I am her best friend.  It always amazes me when she learns new sayings, that I don't remember teaching her.  She must've picked it up at Sunday School or the playground.  But the fact that I am her "best friend" makes me so incredibly happy.  I know people always say you shouldn't be best friends with your kids, but I think that's a bunch of dung.  Everly truly is my best friend.  And I am so happy to have a daughter to do things with for the rest of my life.
9>> Everly has never once had a jealous moment with Silas since he's been home.  Ever since she met him, she's welcomed him with open arms.  She has never complained about sharing her things with him, in fact she willingly offers her most favorite things to him on a daily basis.  She gives him about 3 million kisses a day and tells him, "I love you mostest Silas".  Their bond and friendship is everything to me.  I will always cherish the way they are together and I have Everly to thank for being the best big sister to Silas.
10>> Everly always has a song on her lips.  She is our little song bird.  She loves to sing and she has the most beautiful (and loud) voice I've ever heard.

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