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We are excited to kick start a new series for the upcoming month of December.  We have 4 amazing guests that will be joining in to share what is on their wish list this year and what their holiday traditions are each Christmas season.  Today we will be starting off the series and will be sharing our wish lists and traditions with you all!

Brianna's List :
                                                  1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6 // 7                                                           

 Brittany's List: 
1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6 // 7         

Brianna's Traditions:
We have a couple traditions that we do around the Christmas season and we do them to keep us in focus and remind us what Christmas is all about.  Every year our church hands out shoe boxes for Operation Christmas Child, which is put on yearly by Samaritans Purse.  Last year we involved Everly in this as much as possible, but she was still pretty young to really understand.  We are excited to do it again this year as she understands a lot more now.  We want to remind her yearly that Christmas is not only about receiving gifts, but about giving gifts as well.  We will take this time each year to go shopping for children that are less fortunate then us and allow her to pick out Christmas presents for these children.

This year we are bringing in a new tradition.  Everly has a "thing" for birthdays.  After her 2nd birthday she became a bit obsessed with the birthday song and sings it on repeat daily.  I told her, "You know who you will need to sing this song to soon?  Baby Jesus!"  And she quickly asked, "Birthday cake?"  So for some, you might be baking cookies and leaving milk out for Santa, and that's great too!  But this year, Everly and I will be baking a cake and as a family on Christmas day we will celebrate the Greatest Gift of all; Jesus' birth!  :)

Brittany's Traditions:
Growing up my parents didn't really have any traditions for us as a family, just the usual wake up and open presents on Christmas Morning. As a child this was all that I really cared about anyways. This sufficed for us though. We were always together around the holiday's and that was really the important thing. Since growing up without any traditions, I really wanted to have that ritual with my family when I had one. So I have started a few things around here hoping that most of them stick, but not expecting my outrageous attempt at making most everything a tradition!
The most important ones for us this season is picking out a Christmas tree together, and doing an Advent Calendar. We will be out of the country this year around and on Christmas, so I thought we would kind of introduce the Advent calendar with a bang! We aren't doing presents, just doing a spruced (no pun intended) up version of the calendar. We aren't going to have a lot of presents to open on Christmas Day, instead she will be getting on every day leading up to Christmas Day! I have enjoyed doing that this year. Making our Advent Calendar myself, picking out all the fun gifts and wrapping those fun gifts up. The anticipation for December 1st is slowly coming to an end and I couldn't be more excited to start this with Scarlett.
A few other things that we are going to try is decorating the tree as a family, The Elf on the Shelf, making Christmas cookies, and helping another family who is in need.
I think the most important thing for me is that we are all together. As long as we are together that is honestly a gift enough for me. There is nothing better than being with my family and making these memories with Scarlett. I hope that she will cherish this stuff as much as I do!

Britt and Bri

How about you guys?  What are the items on your wish list that you are just hoping you get?  Or what are some things that you celebrate and do every year around Christmas time?  We would love to hear!

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