Monday, November 11, 2013

Outwear >> for the Gals

Is it getting cold in your area?  In Pennsylvania they are already calling for snow!  SNOW GUYS!  It's too early for that!  We are still in our sweatshirts and fleeces, but I just told Josh the other day that we need to pull out our coats for the season.  But the thing is, I'm so over my coat from last year, and Everly outgrew hers.  Plus, coats get so worn, that I think it's a nessecary splurge every year.  Don't you?  So I got to searching the internet to find new coats for Everly and myself, and I came across so many awesome ones and so many different styles to keep us all bundled up and warm, that I'm really finding it hard to choose between them all.

Here are a few items I loved while searching for warm weather gear for ourselves, hopefully this helps you as you hunt for the perfect coat!

Peacoat//  womens  ::  girls
Herringbone//  womens  ::  girls
Vest//  womens  ::  girls
Camouflage//  womens  ::  girls
Moto//  womens  ::  girls
Leather//  womens  ::  girls
Jean//  womens  ::  girls
Duffel//  womens  ::  girls
Parka//  womens  ::  girls

I'm really into the parka style this year and I think everyone else is too, because I'm seeing them everywhere, which definitely helps in my hunt for finding the "perfect" one.  I'm also totally digging the moto style as well.  Especially the one pictured above.  What do you think?  Parka or moto?  Or both?  ;)

What style's are you into?  Where did you find your perfect winter coat this year?  I'd love to hear!  

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