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Wishlist & Traditions >> Shaynah Dodge

There are a few people on Instagram that I could look through their feed all day. Shaynah is one of those people. She is very fashionable and her boys are just as much as she is. She takes the best photos of her kids and always has something to say (good stuff, inspiring stuff).  I love her strong personality and her love for her family. Shayna also has the blog Pirates and Peonies where you can find more of her great photographs, along with what the next 'big thing' is. She is so on top of children's fashion and lifestyle, and women's fashion too. She is a big inspiration to us here at Urban Cub and we hope that you are excited as we are to feature her in our Wishlist and Traditions series. 

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My name is Shaynah I am a style influencer and blogger over at Pirates and peonies.  If I am not home cozying up reading books with my 3 boys and husband then it is likely that I am at Anthropologie. We live in the suburbs in the Midwest but like to act like we are a hip urban family. I have eccentric style and a quirky sense of humor and love to laugh more than anything in the world. I am often hoarding coffee table books, hats, and ankle boots or stock-piling photo inspiration on Pinterest. You can follow along my daily journeys Instagram where I am known as @Ruffledsnob 

I love the holidays! Nothing is more wonderful that a cup of cheer and a twinkling Christmas tree. I am a lover of traditions and an advocate for love and laughter - all, of which, you can find plenty of in our home during the Holiday season. I could go on and on about traditions, but I will spare you and just share our favorite 3. 

1. We love Christmas lights! Every year we do a car tour and drive around looking at the beautifully lit homes and tacky blown-up snowmen. It is beautiful and white in Minnesota during the holidays and the homes look fairytale-esque, which makes the icy drive worth it! We get out and walk around the homes that are extravagantly decorated and dream of how Santa will sneak in. We finish the night off with hot cocoa at our favorite coffee shop - it is something that my husband and I look forward to just as much as the boys!

2.During the month of December we play along and do "Elf on the Shelf" which is where we hide the boys' elves around our home and make them do silly or mischievous things each morning. The boys wake up in a fit of fury trying to see what the Elves are up to while they were sleeping! Sometimes the Elves forget though, and they wake up in a panic to be sure and not be discovered in the same place as yesterday. 

3.On Christmas Eve we give the boys one gift to open which is always new jammies! One must look clean and cozy when Santa peaks on them while dropping off their gifts!

I feel that you don't have to spend a lot to make the Holidays special, you should just find fun ways to spend time with each other and take the season in. It is truly a time for love and giving of the heart. Seeing the Holidays through the boys eyes and talking about Our Saviour's birth is truly magical. 
Happy Holidays! Shaynah xx

Thank you so much Shaynah for sharing your list and traditions with us! We loved getting to know more about you and your family!

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