Monday, December 23, 2013

Wish List & Traditions >> Claire Hall

This has been such a fun series for us.  It has also been so awesome to get a little peek at what's on some of our favorite ladies wish lists this year.  It's been hard to put a wrap on this series, because we have been having so much fun with it, but we are ending the series with a bang!  ;)  Welcome, Claire!  Claire is such a charm!  We met Claire via Instagram about a year ago and her feed is on our daily stalk list.  Well, I guess we don't really "stalk" her anymore, because she has become such a dear friend.   Claire has a way of making everyone feel special - she is such a sweet heart!  We know you will love this girl as much as we do, so if you aren't already following her on Instagram, Go!


++for mama++  1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5
++for cub++  1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5

My name is Claire and I am better known as @kawaiigirl79 on Instagram. I love kids fashion and pretty and colourful interiors. I live in N.Ireland with my hubby and 2 kiddos Noah, 5 and Ruby, 3. I am a working mum and I love blogs and Instagram!  I love shopping so it was fun to pick out my Christmas wish list. Since my son only wants anything Star Wars or angry birds themed for Christmas, I decided to choose some things for my daughter and myself.

We don't really have any out of the ordinary traditions really. For the last number of years we take it in turn each Christmas. One year we go to my parents for dinner and then the next year we go to my husbands parents. As much as I love this, I want to try to start a new tradition where we stay at home on Christmas Day and can take our time opening presents in front of the fire, knowing we don't have to rush off anywhere. I want to cherish this time and make memories of our own in our own home. Of course we will visit our families, or they will visit us, as that is what Christmas is all about eh? Maybe one day I can host Christmas dinner at our house? Too bad I am a terrible cook and we are vegetarian! Ha

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