Thursday, December 12, 2013

Q&A's for Brittany >> Parenting

1.) If you could teach Scarlett one thing about life, what would that be?
This is a tough one for me. I have been through some pretty rough times in my life, and the last thing I want is for Scarlett to EVER come close to the things I had to learn. I would tell her that in life you need your confidence. You need to love and respect yourself. With that will come more things but I feel like that is the foundation. If I had confidence and believed in my potential I think I would have made different decisions in life.

2.) What is your favorite part of your day with Scarlett?
Honestly it changes as she keeps getting bigger. I of course love all the time I have with her. For right now my most favorite part of the day would be a an hour or so before we get ready for bed. We just kind of go crazy! We jump on the bed, every night. She laughs so hard it just makes my heart smile. I try to get out the rest of her energy during that hour. We run around the house, or turn on music and dance (she loves to dance). I just try to do anything that will make her giggle. It is the best sound. 

3.) What is your biggest fear or struggle with parenting?
The question I ask myself everyday is, "am I doing enough?" I just pray that I am. I continue to be the best mom I can be, and just do what I can. Being a first time parent, and pretty much doing it alone, was such a scary thing for me. As time passes I get more and more confident that I know I am doing the best for Scarlett. I have those days though that I question everything I do still, but it is getting easier. I don't call my mom ten times a day anymore, just five times. Haha. 

4.) After the day is over and the baby is in bed, how do you unwind?
It honestly doesn't stop. Once she is in bed I either clean up the house, or spend time with Neil (my other half). Once Neil goes to bed is really when I get to sit down and have "me" time. My "me" time consists of watching tv, that my wonderful DVR has recorded (I don't know how life happened before DVR, haha!), and I get on my computer and shop, browse, and work on the blog. I am usually up till 1 or 2 in the morning because I love that quiet time to myself. 

5.) Name 3 IG or Blog mom's that inspire you in your parenting?
-Bri (@briannakem) because she is just so inspiring and loves her babes so much. She is wise beyond her years and doesn't know it! 
-Kelli Murray (@kelli_murray or She is such a good mom, and a successful woman. She is almost angelic. 
-James (@bleubird or I looooooooove her blog! She inspires me as a woman, so therefore makes me a better mom. (Right??) haha. 

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