Monday, June 23, 2014

Red Creek Handmade

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In 2004, Katie’s self-taught crafting practice began with the purchase of her “own domestic” (a beat up 70’s Singer), starting with the ambitious task of quilting and expanding to include childrens clothing with the birth of her daughter, June. 

Katie’s quilts are hand-made to last, always utilizing natural fabrics, timeless designs and technical craft-work. Each piece is unique, individual and custom. Her children’s clothing is made with the same integrity: Well-made to with-stand the test of time and wear, the silhouettes are gender neutral, the fabrics are functional, natural and durable, and affordable! All of her clothing and quilts are made on her homestead in Squamish BC, where she lives with her partner Reagen, their daughter June, their dog Hazel, her potager garden and about 100  chickens.

This brand completely speaks my love language.  Everything about Red Creek Handmade is dreamy and exquisite!  There is a little bit of something special, beautiful, charming and rare with each piece.  The color scheme is excellence.  And June, the baby model, is by far the sweetest and cutest!  I've been dreaming of these baby clothes and quilts day and night and can't wait to get some into my hands and on my own babies!

Happy Monday, Friends!

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