Thursday, June 19, 2014

Lovin' On >> The Littles

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I don't really remember how I came across The Littles, my only regret is not coming across them sooner!  Kirsten has created a collection of the sweetest hairclips that ever hit mankind.  My favorite is the color combo's you get with each clip and I am in love with the fun different materials Kirsten chose like leather, pompoms and tulle.  These clips are not only amazing to look at, but they are also so well made and stay put, even in the finest of hair, like Everly's!  This is huge for me, because I can't even tell you how many hairclips we have lost since Everly had enough hair (or not enough hair) to clip.  And we have yet to lose any of these! 

These hairclips are made with lots of love and after the short amount of time of getting to know Kirsten, I would have to say they are the exact replica of her personality - fun, pretty, bright and cheery!

Here's Everly in her day-to-day via iphone photos where she is rocking her hairclips!  And you can see a recent post here to see some photos of her wearing one of our favorite clips!

You will be seeing lots more from The Littles around here, because we are hooked and they go with everything!  They have become an everyday essential around here.  Also, be on the lookout for a GIVEAWAY with The Littles in the very near future!  ;) ;)

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