Friday, June 27, 2014

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Everly and Silas' love for animals and ice cream is pretty extreme, so on any given day we will hop in the car and take a trip to a local farm where we can find both!  It's always a treat and brightens their day and that's all that matter's to me.  To see their smiles and their eyes twinkle is everything to me.  I love Summer day's with these two!

Everly's Outfit |romper - poketto| |tank - nun kids| |sandals - saltwaters| |headband - sweet kiddo co.|
Silas' Outfit |tank - nico nico| |bloomers - flora and henri|

I love when I come across new handmade shops on Etsy.  It's like a huge score!  I feel like with the majority of Etsy shops that sell children's clothes, you know you are getting a one-of-a-kind, unique look and I love that.  I love to dress my kids in clothes that aren't seen everywhere, so I'm always on the hunt for a good find on Etsy!  I came across Poketto on Etsy not too long ago and fell IN LOVE with all of Janine's work.  She make's the sweetest little sunsuits I've ever seen.  These sunsuits have become a staple in Everly's closet!  And they are also super reasonably priced which is hard to come by anymore.  Clothes are expensive these days...  Anyway, I love Janine and I love her work and she even wrote a little bit about herself and her shop, just for us!

A little bit about Janine; the creator of Poketto:

I am an architect and self taught sewer, a passion which was sparked after wanting to make a few cushion covers out of fabric I had screen-printed. 

My love of making children's clothing came from looking back through photos from my childhood (photos below) – I loved the sweet little outfits my mum dressed me in, especially the sunsuits, which became one of the first things I wanted to make for my little girl. The clown sunsuit has been one of the standouts for me, one which I will re-create one day :) 

I love mixing vintage patterns with modern and up-cycled fabrics, and have recently been working a lot with Organic and Japanese fabrics. My aim is to create special pieces which are practical and made to be worn! My next step will be to introduce screen-printed fabrics and create quirky characters on the bibs of the sunsuits - bear, girl, boy.
Poketto ||shop|| ||instagram|| ||facebook||

Have a fabulous weekend everyone!!  xox

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