Friday, June 20, 2014

Fanny & Alexander

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I am a lover of childhood.  My heart aches to make sure that my children have the best childhood, full of memories.  When finding new items for the kids to enjoy and play with, I am always on the hunt for items that open the imagination.  I love items that spark their individual creativity and give them a thirst to explore and figure things out on their own.  I know some of my very own most fond memories of my childhood were times when I played "pretend" or was in a moment full of imagination.  That is why I was so drawn to Fanny & Alexander when I first came across this inspiring brand!

Fanny & Alexander, are committed to enriching the lives of children with toys that are beautiful, simple and enduring.  F&A’s toys encourage fantasy, imagination, creativity, and ingenuity.  They also foster manual skills at the stage of life -infancy- when that is most critical.  Their items range from wood-carved toys, hand-knitted items and handcrafted collectibles.  Whether it’s through a hand-knitted wool jumper with intricate trims, a wooden toy camera, or a charming pair of leather ballet flats, it’s about capturing that unique feeling of childhood from another time, today.

When we received some of our very own items from F&A's endearing collection, we were swept away into fantasy land.  No, but seriously, I can't exclaim enough about the perfection of every single detail on every single item.  We've had our items for a few months now and they have become some of our most beloved items and most played with toys.

Delfina, the founder of Fanny & Alexander say's it perfectly, 
"Our products are keepsakes... they're objects people get sentimental about."

If you are interested in carrying Fanny & Alexander items in your shop, you can contact Defina directly here.  Or if you are looking to purchase some of their beautiful products, you can find their stockist list here, which is includes one of our favorite shops; Four Monkeys.  I know you will love these amazing keepsakes as much as I do.

I hope everyone has an awesome Friday and weekend!

Photo Details:
Animal Print Satchel - Fanny & Alexander
Wooden Camera - Fanny & Alexander
Teepee - Marlowe and Jay

Everly's Outfit Details:
Hairclip - The Littles
Hand Knit Cape - Fanny & Alexander
Romper - Wovenplay
Two-Tone Leather Flats - Fanny & Alexander

Silas' Outfit Details:
Hand Knit Jumper - Fanny & Alexander
Shorts - Gap

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