Saturday, March 29, 2014

Easter Outfits >> For Ev & Si

If you know me by now, you know I love a reason for a good splurge.  Easter outfits have always been something special for us when growing up, so we decided we would keep with the tradition and pick out new outfits for the special day for ourselves and the littles.  I wanted to go with whites and yellows this year, and since I love coordinating Everly and Silas' outfits every other day of the year, why not for Easter outfits too?

Ev's Outfit ||bunny ears||cardigan||dress||moccs||
Si's Outfit ||suspenders||cardigan||top||pants||moccs||

And guys!  This will be Silas' first Easter!  I can't believe that this will pretty much be the last holiday we will celebrate as a first for him and then he will be ONE!  ONE!!!  They don't joke when they say it goes 10x faster with baby number 2...  (sob fest...)

Hope you all have a lovely weekend!  Crossing my fingers for some Spring weather...

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